Benefits of Hiring Tree Trimming Service

Posted on 06 December 2019 (0)

It is nice to have trees around our gardens and yard. The shade they give makes it perfect for some outdoor activities. But if your trees are growing to be too close to your property, you may want to trim those branches before they could damage your property or harm your family. Even those trees that have branches growing next to your power and utility lines must be given proper attention.

You won’t realize the danger they bring until the limbs fall down the roof or have intertwined with your power lines which not only cause inconvenience but bringing unnecessary hazard to you and your family.

It is tempting to trim trees on your own thinking that the job is easy and can be accomplished using those tools you have at home. While this isn’t completely a problem for short trees, often a DIY is not recommended for large trees. Tree trimming can be done safely and successfully when carried out by the experts. They are more qualified for the job because they have the knowledge and experience and they are geared with the right sets of tools intended for efficient tree trimming.

There are many benefits of tree trimming, the reason why every homeowner who grows trees in their yard are encouraged to take advantage of this service on a regular basis. Tree trimming can significantly improve the aesthetics of your garden or landscape. Overgrown branches that are left as is over time can only destroy the entire look of your garden.

Tree trimming is also beneficial when it comes to improving the health of your trees. Over time, branches tend to become decayed and they are not only unsightly, they can be a major cause of injury too. Branches that are obstructive in the pathway must be removed too.

If you feel like your trees need to be trimmed, do not hesitate to call in the help of experts who can handle the job for you. Experts are knowledgeable when it comes to all types of trees and can recommend those that need to be trimmed as well as those that are in perfect shape. They are trained to deal with several types of tree trimming techniques and are reliable in giving you the results you were hoping to see.

Professional tree trimming companies can also provide their services regardless of the weather condition. They can handle emergency tree trimming needs which means they can come to your home and take care of your tree trimming needs, no matter what time of the night or day.

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Definitive tree trimming guide

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Having a tree of any type in your garden can be really fun and fulfilling either they’re ornamental or not. Old trees especially give you this feeling of experiencing something that has been before you and that will keep existing after you. However, trees become disfigured when they have branches and leaves hanging out at awkward angles or abutting into other properties. It becomes necessary to perform tree trimming on such trees to give an aesthetically appealing look with branches all having matching lengths and sizes. Here is a couple of steps to guide you in getting your tree properly trimmed and in good shape.

  • Seasons are important: While it’s true that tree trimming can be done at almost any season of the year, it is more advisable to carry out trimming during seasons during which the tree is dormant. This will significantly reduce the chances of having the branch or other part grow back to its previous size, thereby requiring another round of trimming soon after.


  • Weak or infected branches should take precedence: This is a no-brainer, even when they are not exactly sticking out, branches that do not look healthy need to be gotten rid of so that the infection will not spread to the whole tree.


  • Overlapping Apart from the fact that they give the tree a clumsy and disordered look, overlapping branches may also grow to get all tangled up later and become difficult to untwist, it is, therefore, wise to prune off over-lapping branches as soon as you can.


  • Three quarters or nothing. While trimming a tree, if you have to remove up to three-quarters of the length of a tree branch, then it’s advisable to remove the whole branch. A one-quarter stub of a branch is not likely to catch up with the rest of the tree very quickly and this will leave the tree lacking harmony and rhyme in shape at that part.


  • Watch the Branch Collar: In your haste to prune a tree branch, be careful not to harm the branch collar as this will weaken it and it may eventually snap off given a strong enough wind.


  • Leave Crowns intact: As much as possible ensure that you leave the crown as it is. Even if you need to remove some seemingly unhealthy parts, make it as little as possible.


  • You Don’t have to do it all at once: It’s not very aesthetically appealing to have your tree looking all bare and branchless after a tree trimming Even when you realize there’s a lot to trim off, it’s wise to do it in bits. You could space out the trimming over a period of weeks or even months to allow some other leaves and branches grow before removing others.

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Reasons to Use a Professional Tree Service

Posted on 05 December 2019 (0)

Doing tree maintenance on your own can be a very dangerous thing, especially when you are not experienced in this field. More so, if you do not have all the tools necessary to ensure a safe and efficient result. Fortunately, there are tree services that homeowners can hire and they guarantee a better tree care or removal process using their expertise and their correct set of tools.

For your own safety and for the sake of your property and other people, you should never attempt doing any tree job, whether it is as simple as tree cutting or as complicated as tree removal. You can contact a professional tree service in your area to do these tasks for you.

Others have written on how one should hire professionals, but here are some of the benefits that you can get out of using a professional tree service.

  • It avoids any injury or other risks to safety. Various hazards can be involved when working with trees. For instance, using cutting tools can be particularly perilous and can lead to injury with incorrect use. In cases where trees need to be trimmed or removed because they are located too close to a power line, you may be faced with the possibility of falling or risk of electrocution.

All these hazards can be avoided when you let the tree professionals perform the job for you. They have the experience matched with the right equipment that is needed to remove or trim trees in a safer manner.

  • It prevents damaging your property. One of the main reasons for tree removal is when they are located near your property or when they are almost touching your electrical and utility lines. Attempting to remove the tree without hiring a professional can be a huge mistake one can make. Tree removal involves a lot of calculations and thoughts as one needs to be extra careful in ensuring that no property or person will get hurt in the process.

A tree removal service knows how to deal with the risks that come with tree removal. After successfully removing the tree, they can help you get rid of the stump that will be left behind, using their grinders and chipping tools.

  • It makes your trees healthy. When tree trimming is not done correctly, it can potentially affect the health of your trees. It can put your trees at a great risk of infection and diseases. But when carried out by the experts, who know every technique and treatment needed to prune your trees correctly, you can expect for your trees to grow healthily.

Instead of doing tree removal on your own, in the attempt to save some cash, hiring a professional tree service is proved to be more beneficial, safety and cost wise.

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Posted on 17 February 2018 (0)

There is a rationale behind every tree removal in an area. Sometimes, tree removal is done because it is already a problem to the community or is blocking the way of establishments. Trees are considered a problem when its structure overpowers a home or other structures in the area. Trees are also removed if it interrupts power lines or other lines like telephone lines. The power companies remove trees to be able to give high quality services to their clients.  

 Trees like any other living thing, also ages and also accumulate diseases which makes their structure weaker. Pests and fungus are the main cause of tree diseases. If a tree gets weak, it can cause huge damages in the area. This is the reason why if you see your tree not in good shape, it is better for it to be removed rather than be risky enough for it to stay in your yard or neighborhood.

  Tree removal is needed when you see the following indications.  First, if you see that the tree is dying, weak and if there are structures that can’t be pruned.  Second if you see that the tree is already a big threat to structures nearby.  Third, if the tree is a big conflict to any construction and man work.  Fourth, if acts of God had damaged trees. Fifth a tree removal is needed if trees are a big destruction to views and light source.  If trees are not removed given these problems, trees can cause a bigger problem in the future.

  Tree removal is a job that needs to be done by someone who is skilled at it. Tree removal can’t be done by someone who does not know the does and don’ts of the process. You must hire professional arborists to do the tree removal job.

     Choosing the right arborist to do a tree service is a challenge for some because some do not know if they had chosen the right one. For a free service, you must pick someone who is already skilled at what they are doing. An experienced arborist is someone who had years of experience in doing the craft. Someone who is skilled also uses the right tools and procedures for a particular tree service. Aside from this, experienced arborists can know and decipher which tree service your tree needs.

Professional arborists are certified and underwent tests to make sure they are really qualified for the job.  It is very important that a professional arborist do the tree removing job because tree removing consists of processes which demands the use of the right tools to make the job right. An error in tree removing can cause serious damages not only to the tree but also to the area as well. It is also important for you to do research on a certain arborist to know the feedback of clients and their past works.



Posted on 07 February 2018 (0)

Pruning is very important in your trees. It rejuvenates trees, allows them to grow quickly and in the right shape. Pruning also increases tree productive. However, pruning timing is more important than the tree pruning itself. Right timing will ensure that pruning yields the desired results. Depending on the type of the tree we expect to have different timing for the trees. Different timing also gives different results of pruning. There are times you prune your tree to enhance growth, other times you prune the tree to enhance flowering and other times you prune the tree to remain healthy. All these pruning timings should be done well to ensure that you achieve your desired results. The following are the timing of pruning your trees for effective results.

  • When there are Damaged, Dying or Dead Branches

Dead, dying and damaged branches possess some risk on the tree. Pest can hide on these branches and spread to the entire tree. These branches also prevent the trees from growing to desired size and density. Sick branches on your tree can spread the infection to the entire tree causing its death. Therefore, you should always inspect your trees to ensure that these branches are removed from the trees as quickly as possible.

  • Before Flowering Season for the Flowering trees

Flowering trees should be pruned immediately after they bloom. This is usually in the spring season. Trees normally flower on the woods that was produced on the previous season. Pruning, therefore, helps the tree to have more flowers. It opens the tree canopy for sufficient sunlight. Sunlight is very helpful in the flowering process. Example of the trees to prune on the springs are mountain laurel, rhododendron, flowering plum, azalea, magnolia, chokeberry, lilac, forsythia and the flowering quince. Other trees flower during the summer season. These trees should be pruned in late winter before new growth starts. These trees include snowberry, beauty bush, viburnum, autumn olive, and summer sweet.

  • When Trees have no flowers or fruit

Flowering and fruiting trees should be pruned in the season they do not have any fruit or flower. When you prune flowered tree or trees with fruits you damage them. The fruits fall off and the tree performance is reduced. These trees should be pruned in the seasons which they are dormant. Pruning should be done before active budding or growing is experiences. When pruning ensure you first inspect the tree whether it has signs of flowering or fruits.

Some trees require continuous pruning to give adequate sunlight. Other trees require pruning every year in a particular season. You should understand which is the best season of the year to prune such kind of trees. Other trees, on the other hand, require minimal or no pruning. If you prune them regularly you reduce their performance. Therefore, as a homeowner ensure you understand your trees well. You can always get help from tree care experts. The experts will give you advice on the best time to prune your trees.