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Definitive tree trimming guide

Posted on 06 December 2019 by admin (0)

Having a tree of any type in your garden can be really fun and fulfilling either they’re ornamental or not. Old trees especially give you this feeling of experiencing something that has been before you and that will keep existing after you. However, trees become disfigured when they have branches and leaves hanging out at awkward angles or abutting into other properties. It becomes necessary to perform tree trimming on such trees to give an aesthetically appealing look with branches all having matching lengths and sizes. Here is a couple of steps to guide you in getting your tree properly trimmed and in good shape.

  • Seasons are important: While it’s true that tree trimming can be done at almost any season of the year, it is more advisable to carry out trimming during seasons during which the tree is dormant. This will significantly reduce the chances of having the branch or other part grow back to its previous size, thereby requiring another round of trimming soon after.


  • Weak or infected branches should take precedence: This is a no-brainer, even when they are not exactly sticking out, branches that do not look healthy need to be gotten rid of so that the infection will not spread to the whole tree.


  • Overlapping Apart from the fact that they give the tree a clumsy and disordered look, overlapping branches may also grow to get all tangled up later and become difficult to untwist, it is, therefore, wise to prune off over-lapping branches as soon as you can.


  • Three quarters or nothing. While trimming a tree, if you have to remove up to three-quarters of the length of a tree branch, then it’s advisable to remove the whole branch. A one-quarter stub of a branch is not likely to catch up with the rest of the tree very quickly and this will leave the tree lacking harmony and rhyme in shape at that part.


  • Watch the Branch Collar: In your haste to prune a tree branch, be careful not to harm the branch collar as this will weaken it and it may eventually snap off given a strong enough wind.


  • Leave Crowns intact: As much as possible ensure that you leave the crown as it is. Even if you need to remove some seemingly unhealthy parts, make it as little as possible.


  • You Don’t have to do it all at once: It’s not very aesthetically appealing to have your tree looking all bare and branchless after a tree trimming Even when you realize there’s a lot to trim off, it’s wise to do it in bits. You could space out the trimming over a period of weeks or even months to allow some other leaves and branches grow before removing others.

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